With a history of distribution business for nearly 20 years, TTC Infotech is currently cooperating with many major technology firms such as Schneider (APC by Schneider), HPE, Microsoft, Telegartner …

* Company TTC Infotech currently distributes products with certifications from the brands.

Elite Partner for Enterprise APC by Schneider products (Large 3 phase UPS system, precise air conditioning system, environmental warning system for data centers)

Premium Partner for APC by Schneider HBN products (1 phase UPS systems, rack systems, UPS management components, power management systems …)

Silver Partner, Managed Reseller for Microsoft (Microsoft OEM, FPP products ..)

Silver Partner for HPE (Aruba Networking products, Wifi …)

Authorized Partner for Telegartner (Cabling system for IT system)

* Criteria of TTC’s distribution business center :

– Providing genuine products, quality assurance, quality certification of manufacturers.

– Fast delivery, conscientious.

– Support for installation.

– Provide additional services such as complete installation for customers, on-site maintenance warranty for end-user customers.

– Support to implement product warranty quickly for customers.