Virtualization, mobility and cloud-based technologies have made the network infrastructure increasingly critical. IT teams are being required to deliver high levels of performance, availability and security and support a growing number of workloads. However, few organizations have the in-house expertise or resources to complete large-scale network design and implementation projects. Network complexity makes it difficult to provision and allocate network resources while protecting against the latest threats.

Information Technology can be a minefield for small businesses to navigate and selecting the right tools to increase productivity is a major challenge. Confusing jargon and a myriad of solution choices promising similar results can be daunting for all but the most battle hardened business owners and managers. IT is meant to be the support system for your business – working in the background to drive sales and increase revenues. Often it is seen as an unreliable burden and a major cost for an organisation. Let us put our experienced team of IT consultants to work to provide the appropriate solutions to create a springboard to success for your business using best of breed solutions from industry leading vendors.

Running a small business is a 24/7 balancing act for most owners who must wear numerous hats on a daily basis, IT should not be one of them.

Our IT Consulting service include:

– Disaster Recovery – helping to define, design and implement your DR solution to meet the RPO/RTO of the business.

– High Availability – providing high-availability of your critical services and applications.

– Storage & Server Virtualization – ‘doing more with less’ using tried and tested solutions from a variety of vendors, such as VMware, Microsoft, HPE, Lenovo to reduce the replacement hardware costs and increase the workload manageability and flexibility.

– Public & Private Cloud – translate the hyper and reap the rewards using solutions from VMware, Microsoft and our exclusive Offshore Private Cloud Services.

– Wired & Wireless Networking – the ‘bits and the bytes’ relating to switches, routers and wireless solutions from DELL EMC, HPE Aruba, Cisco, etc.

– IT/Network Audit – Check that your IT infrastructure, policies and operations are working securely, in compliance with standards.

– Office 365 – Microsoft’s classic Office software combined with email and collaborative systems.

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