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Running your own IT department can be both time-consuming and really expensive. The cost alone of acquiring the IT infrastructure you need can dig deep into your budget. Not to mention the hassle of hiring people to manage your IT requirements. You do not have to deal with these problems if you choose to outsource your IT solutions to an outside firm. They can take the responsibility and burden out of your hands. This is already a common practice, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. It is very practical and the rewards it offers for businesses are highly beneficial.

Finding the Right IT Service Provider

As one of the customer service centers for more than 20 years, TTC Infotech Service Center provides services such as warranty, maintenance, repair, and support to customers, mostly companies. , foreign corporations operating in Vietnam.

TTC Infotech Service Center currently providing services

– Maintenance of network systems, computers

– Repair and troubleshoot IT system.

– Repair and fix UPS power system

– Deploying the installation of network systems, computers, UPS power sources

– Extended warranty for UPS power products, Computers, Servers, Switches, Firewall, Router.

– IT system relocation services.

– Consulting and designing the system


We’re here to help you manage your problem regular emails that will arm

HOTLINE : (+84) 908161313

Criteria of the TTC Infotech Service Center

  • Provide the fastest, professional and reputable service to customers.
  • Provide service with 24/7 time
  • Engineers are well trained and have passed the training courses of technology firms, with specialized certificates.
  • For damaged equipment, engineers can lend other equipment to customers for temporary use so that customers will not be affected.

An authorized Schneider (APC) authorized TTC Infotech Service Center (APC) to warrant 1 phase, 3 phase UPS products. With the number of available goods and equipment, the center has quickly and conveniently resolved the warranty for customers, and the damaged equipment can be exchanged for another device without repair.


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