In order to meet realistic demands of businesses for investing in IT infrastructures for employees, and to meet the security and investing funding requirements as well as business operation costs.

Target Solution

– 1. Optimize the investment funding of information technology. (hardware, software)

– 2. Optimize operating costs of information technology. (electricity, deployment time, repair time)

– 3. Improve system security. (avoid data lost and leakage)

– 4. Simplify information technology applications for employees.

– 5. Increase business capacity.


We deliver technology integration solutions to meet the demands within your business while meeting our target to increase efficiency for businesses.

Main Functions

Figure 1. Firewall functions

Firewall protects businesses from threats from outside sources especially to prevent invasions from the Internet into internal components, data leakages. Furthermore, firewalls also assist businesses to enhance business performance through diversifying external access into internal components and vice versa, connect internal components through the internet using VPN.

Figure 2: Internet data line load balancing functionalities

As the demand for Internet usage rapidly increase. Other than upgrading the connection speed, load balancing several Internet data lines will help achieve minimal investment fee compared to other solutions.

In order to meet the demand for when businesses consist of a website system with high user traffic, this ensures stable and healthy connection for user access.

User protection for businesses from malicious websites is crucial to prevent business data leakage through Internet connection.

Figure 5: Web advertisement though Internet connection functionality

This solution will meet the demand for businesses with the need to do web advertisements for their products.

Figure 5: Virtualization Technology

The ability to use virtualization technology will allow businesses to be more proactive when it comes to upgrading, exchanging hardware as well as saving backups and recovering the system quickly when there is an error.

Differences of our solution (business of 50 employees)

Comparison content

Traditional solution (combination of many products)

pfSense (PC i5, RAM 8GB, SSD 128GB)


Fortigate 101E

–       TLCB-CAN-B Service

Data line load balancing

Draytek 2960

–       TLCB-CAN-B Service

–       TLCB-WAN-7 Service

–       TLCB-WAN-M Service

Website load balancing (with 2 web servers running parallelly within the business)

Barracuda Load Balancer ADC 340

–       TLCB-SRV-1 Service

–       TLCB-SRV-2 Service

Website & virus filtering

Annual license subscription based on brand

–       TLCB-CAN-B Service

Website advertisement (store chains or shopping departments)

Rental Service

–       TLCB-WEB-C Service

–       TLCB-WEB-D Service

Backup Capability

Not available (no usage during hardware errors)

–       Able to use replacement PCs instantly or use HA/ VMWare replicate

Table 1: Comparison within a business with 50 employees.

This comparison table clearly shows the advantages of pfSense solution. From investment fees, operation fees, error correction to security enhancements.

Guaranteed from the supplier

Time of deployment


Service content



–       Install VMWare and create virtual environment

–       pfSense configuration (1 LAN & 2 WAN)

–       Configure LAN to Internet, allow access from external source (NAT & Rule) based on demand.

–       Configure connection to main office (VPN Site to site), allow working from outside the office (VPN Client to site)

–       Install web filter to initiate web filtering (from LAN to connect to Internet)

–       Initiate load balancing and back up Internet connection line.

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Expand the number of Internet lines (maximum 7 lines)

–       Initiate load balancing and back up Internet connection line.

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Expand the number of Internet lines (maximum 4095 lines)

–       Initiate load balancing and backup Internet connection line.

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Initiate load balancing for 1 server unit with the same functionality (web/mail)

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Initiate load balancing for 2 server units with the same functionality (web/mail)

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Configure web marketing with accessing static website.

–       Administration documentations

3 days


–       Homepage design for web marketing

–       Configure web marketing filter

–       Configure marketing data gathering

–       Administration documentations

1 month

Table 2: Content of deployed services

Support after deployment

–       Remote support, on-site support

–       24×7 support

–       8×5 support

Warranty support

–       Devices used within the solution will have priority warranty (with equivalent components to borrow during the warranty period)

Human resource deployment

–       With more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT, we have consulted, provided and deployed many system infrastructure, servers, virtualization, networking and security solutions.